I request the provinces to open transport, Imran Khan

It has not been decided yet to open transport with the provinces, because the provinces are at risk of spreading the virus, thousands of people are dying in the United States, Europe, transport has not stopped there, why did we stop? Prime Minister Imran Khan’s media briefing.

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that no decision has been taken on opening transport in the provinces. The provinces fear that opening the transport will spread the virus. Thousands of people are dying in the United States and Europe. Transportation did not stop there, so why did we stop? I request that transport be opened. He said in a media briefing along with the federal ministers that he wanted to address the medical staff today. Doctors and nurses are front line workers in the world.

There was a lot of pressure on doctors and nurses, so their associations reacted. The government has to look at Corona on the one hand and its effects on the other. We would have locked down for three months, including food. They would have delivered, they would have spent resources, but all the experts are saying that the vaccine will not come this year, its purpose will not go to Korona.

No one can say for sure that the virus will be gone in two or three months. ‘Like the rest of the world, we have to live with the virus, we have to live with the virus,’ he said. Can we afford continuous lockdown? Lockdown for one more month, but still, stay with the virus. The United States gave a package of 2200 billion dollars, Germany gave a package of one thousand euros, Japan gave a package of one thousand billion dollars. In comparison, can we close our business? Who lives on a daily or weekly income.

Lockdown has wiped out their source of income, affecting 150 million people. We have done things that developed countries have not yet been able to do. How long can we give 12 thousand for a family? Imran Khan said that I should also make it clear that the cases will increase in Pakistan, every day our team reviews, where is the spread of the virus? We know that Corona’s cases will increase, but we also know that more people than Corona will starve to death if people are not given jobs.

Developed countries are saving their economies but we are saving our people from hunger. ‘We are opening businesses under SOPs. I urge shopkeepers to take responsibility to follow SOPs,’ he said. We have to spend another year, during which time we have a responsibility to compete with Corona and do business, to take care of 150 million people.

Unless the public takes precautions, the government can do nothing. There is a danger of spreading the virus in the provinces when the transport is opened. We are trying to reach a consensus with the provinces, so no decision has been taken yet on the opening of the transport. Whatever steps we take, our public transport belongs to the poor man. Rich people can go in any car, but poor people need public transport, America, Europe where thousands of people are dying. They did not close public and air transport, so why did we close. I will request the provinces to open transport

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