There are 20 million corona patients in Punjab, says Dr. Azhar Chaudhry

There are more than 3.3 million cases of corona in Lahore. The government should also declare an emergency for private hospitals. Central Leader of Punjab Medical Association Dr. Izhar Chaudhry


LAHORE:(  Punjab Medical Association (PMA) central leader Dr. Izhar Chaudhry has said that there are 3.3 million corona patients in Lahore and 20 million corona patients in Punjab. Private hospitals should also declare an emergency. As of April 30, there were 670,000 patients, he said on a private TV program. The medical association recommended increasing the test.

But the number of cases in Lahore has now increased six to seven times. If we increase 670,000 6 times, then it becomes close to 4 million. This is not a prediction, but a scientifically obtained data. He said that if 10 million people were tested in Lahore, 33 to 35 lakh cases would definitely come back positive.

The sad fact is that the government should declare an emergency in all private hospitals under the Health Emergency. It may be recalled that on Sunday, PMA officials had also claimed in a press conference that there were more than 3.5 million patients of Corona in Lahore, while there were 20 million patients of Corona in Punjab.35 doctors have been martyred, when will the government remove the blindfold? Officials of the Pakistan Medical Association Punjab told a press conference that the number of testimonies from the coronavirus was increasing.

Worryingly, doctors, paramedics, nurses, and health professionals fighting on the front lines in hospitals are now becoming more susceptible to the virus. So far, 35 doctors fighting on the front line have been martyred. While two or three more young doctors are in a life-and-death struggle in hospitals. He demanded that the doctors on duty in the corona wards of Punjab hospitals should be kept in quarantine for 15 days after one week of duty.

‘The corona epidemic is spreading. People who thought the coronavirus was nothing are now finding out,’ he said. The government broke the fast in the afternoon by opening the lockdown. I don’t know when the government will remove the blindfold. ‘Corona is now coming out of every house,’ he said. The PMA claimed that there are more than 3.5 million corona patients in Lahore, while Punjab has a population of 120 million with at least 20 million corona patients. Our testing capacity is very low with not many patients being reported. Medical experts alerted the government to the threat of the virus a month ago when the first case was reported on February 22. But the government did not take any effective action then.

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