Well known compiler Tariq Aziz passed away

Tariq Aziz was born on April 28, 1936, in Jalandhar. After getting his primary education from Sahiwal, he moved to Lahore. Continuing his higher education at Oriental College Lahore, he started his artistic career with Radio Pakistan. When Pakistan Television started broadcasting from Lahore in November 1964, Tariq Aziz also became associated with PTV. He also has the honor of being PTV’s first newscaster. In the seventies, PTV Lahore started ‘Auction House’ which has been broadcasting for almost forty years. The program was later renamed ‘Tariq Aziz Show’

Along with television, Mr. Tariq Aziz also stepped into the film industry and showed the essence of acting in several films. His first film was Shabab Kiranvi’s ‘Humanity’ in which he worked with Zeba, Waheed Murad, and Firdous. His other popular films include ‘Salgara’, ‘Qasim Is Waqt Ki’, ‘Katari’, and ‘Chirag Kahan Roshni Kahan’.

Tariq Aziz also wrote columns. A collection of his columns has been published under the name ‘Dastan’. He also had the honor of interviewing political, social, film, literary, and sports celebrities. Tariq Aziz also stepped into practical politics and joined the PPP in the 1970s. After Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the PPP leaders became disillusioned with politics and ended their affiliation with the PPP. He later joined the Pakistan Muslim League. In 1997, he was elected MNA from Lahore and remained a federal minister.



Tariq Aziz is a man who loves knowledge, literature, and books and his study is very extensive. Tariq Aziz remembers innumerable poems and his style of reading poetry is also very good. Mr. Tariq Aziz’s collection of Punjabi poetry has been published under the name ‘Hamzad Da Dukh’.


Tariq Sahib has received numerous awards from various walks of life. He has also received the Pride of Performance Award from the Government of Pakistan.

Tariq Aziz is a shining star in Radio Pakistan, Television, Film Industry, Columnist, and Literature. ‘It has been going on for the last five decades.

His famous start


 ‘Beginning with the blessed name of Lord Jalil who knows the secrets of the heart better, see and hear with your own eyes. Greetings to you dear Tariq, welcome to the guests coming.’

And the slogan at the end of the program ‘Pakistan Payenda Bad’ will always be imprinted on the tongue and heart of children, old people, men, and women.

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