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PhD Studentship in UK

PhD Studentship in UK 2023!

Do you have an intense desire to grow your career in Soil Science? Look no further! A prestigious PhD Studentship in UK in Soil Science is being provided by the University of Nottingham, which is situated in the United Kingdom.

For those who are keen to explore the complicated workings of soil ecosystems and make substantial contributions to the field, this exciting opportunity is ideal. You will get the possibility to conduct cutting-edge research and obtain important knowledge about sustainable soil management at the University of Nottingham, all with the direction of renowned academics and faculty members.

The tuition expenses for both UK and foreign applicants are covered by this fully-funded studentship, giving it a excellent opportunity for aspiring scholars from all over the world. Start a rewarding academic journey at one of the top universities for soil science, and you’ll pave the way for an excellent future in this vital field.

About Soil

In order to reduce climate change and ensure global food security, soils are essential. But now that soil degradation is a serious problem, these essential services are under threat. The most crucial factor in restoring and sustaining soil health is soil structure. This study aims to explore the possible advantages of natural mineral fertilizers in enhancing soil structure, in turn, crop yield, and soil health.

Research Objectives

  • Recognizing how natural minerals and soil interact to change the structural characteristics of soil.
  • Evaluating how natural mineral fertilizers affect the aggregate content and porosity of soil.
  • Determining if soil structure improvement is constant throughout a range of geographical and temporal scales and environmental factors.
  • Confirming laboratory results with field-scale tests.


Research Experiments

  • Establishing controlled studies to see and quantify soil structure development using X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) visualization.
  • Investigating the impact of natural minerals on the aggregate content and porosity of soil.

Field-Scale Investigations

  • Executing experiments under actual situations to validate results from the lab.
  • Evaluating how natural mineral fertilizers affect the soil’s structure and a crop’s yield.

Research Facilities and Collaboration

The significant Hounsfield Facility on the University of Nottingham’s Sutton Bonington campus will serve as the studentship’s host. Working with experts from a major mineral supplier will offer insightful information and possible job opportunities.

Skills Development

The student will receive thorough instruction in a number of multidisciplinary fields, such as plant-soil interactions, X-ray CT imaging, and soil physics/mechanics. To improve students’ skill sets, the University of Nottingham Graduate School provides additional training programs.

Funding and Eligibility

  • Both UK and international applicants are covered by this studentship for their tuition costs.
  • A tax-free stipend in the amount of £18k per year, or the current UKRI rates, will be given.
  • A relevant science degree with a minimum GPA of 2.1 is required for applicants.

Application Procedure

To apply, please send your CV and a cover letter (including the names of two referees) to

Application Deadline

The closing date for applications is July 10, 2023.


==> This PhD studentship in soil science is a great opportunity to support the enhancement and restoration of soil health. This research aims to improve soil functioning, promote crop production, and resolve global concerns including food security & climate change mitigation by examining the effects of natural mineral fertilizers on soil structure.


PhD Studentship in UK


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